Key Cards GCSE Maths
Revision App

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In a nutshell...

  • 9-1 GCSE Maths broken down into easy‑to‑learn flashcards
  • Covers AQA, Edexcel and OCR at higher & foundation level
  • Developed in consultation with an experienced GCSE Maths teacher
  • Just answer the flashcards and the app will automatically tell you when to review them for effective revision
  • The app works wherever you are – you can jump in and do a few cards on the bus or before bed
  • No in-app purchases or adverts

What people are saying...

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“I think it’s great ... even if it’s for 10 mins it still helps. There’s loads of categories for the exam. Helps me a lot thanks”

App Store review

“This app is outstanding.  As a teacher I will be recommending it to all of our students as an essential revision tool”

App Store review


App Store review

“Really helpful for quick revision”

Google Play review

“Will recommend to all my foundation & higher maths students”

Google Play review

“I rarely promote products,
but this … is excellent”

Mr Barton

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Why Key Cards?

Effective revision apps...

The key to remembering any information is to review it repeatedly over time. This is called spaced repetition, a proven method for learning information effectively.

Each Key Cards revision app has an automatic review system, using the principle of spaced repetition, at its core,

You just answer the flashcards and the app tells you when to look at them again, increasing the effectiveness of your revision – can your printed flashcards or revision guide do that?

...that are simple to use...

Each Key Cards revision app is ready to go as soon as its downloaded – you don't need to create yet another account.

Every flashcard inside a Key Cards revision app has been designed to focus on a single part of the spec, meaning it's clear and easy to learn.

And because you don't need a pen, paper or calculator, you can just jump in for a quick blast of revision whenever you've got five minutes free – perfect for when you're waiting for the bus.

...for a low price

Key Cards revision apps are cheaper than the market-leading printed revision guides, packs of pre‑made flashcards, and even some packs of blank flashcards.

And once you've bought the app, all of the content is available – nothing is hidden behind in-app purchases or annoying adverts.

Teachers – tell your students about Key Cards GCSE Maths with our free A6 flyers

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