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Key Cards

GCSE Maths Revision App

Memorise everything you need to get the edge in GCSE Maths.

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Craig Barton (@mrbartonmaths)

There are hundreds of facts, formulas and basic processes you just need to know for GCSE Maths.

And when you know them, you'll stop losing marks on easier questions and start getting your head around the harder ones.

But memorising all of this stuff is a big job – that's where Key Cards GCSE Maths steps in, to make it quicker and easier...

Complete and current

We've broken down GCSE Maths into nearly 300 easy‑to‑learn cards.

The cards have been written for the new 9‑1 specification, covering AQA, Edexcel and OCR at higher and foundation.

Each card has a question on the front and a clear answer on the back, with examples and tips where necessary.

All of the cards have been created in consultation with an experienced secondary maths teacher.

Example Card One

Example Card One

Example Card Two

Example Card Two

Example Card Three

Example Card Three

Remembering made easy

The key to remembering all of the facts, formulas and processes in GCSE Maths is to review them repeatedly over time.

This is called spaced repetition – a proven method for learning information effectively.

Key Cards includes an automatic review system – all you need to do is answer the cards and we'll tell you when to look at them again.

Can your printed flash cards or revision guide do that?

Great value

You'll be hard‑pressed to buy 300 blank flash cards for less than Key Cards GCSE Maths. And even then, you'd have to spend a lot of time filling them in.

You could buy some pre‑made cards instead, but they're often very expensive...

Easy to use, even on the move

Key Cards works wherever you are – you don't need paper, a pen or a calculator.

You can just jump in and do a few cards on the bus or before bed.

We've got you covered

Make the most of your valuable revision time with Key Cards GCSE Maths.

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